The GF-8 Crane's track record is second to none and has established new dimensions in the concept of lightweight, rideable and remote crane systems. Along with it's predecessor, the GF-6, there are now over 200 units in use worldwide. The list of satisfied clients continues to grow. The GF-8 offers a wide range of options and solutions that more than meet the demands and requirements of modern film and video production. Throughout the world, an ever increasing number of production companies, grips, camera operators, remote head operators and rental companies can testify to the versatility, stability and durability of the GF-8 Crane System.

A modern, lightweight design combined with high grade pan & tilt bearing systems provides for unmatched ease of movement and remains steady at all times. With the GF-8, all respective rigging and parallelogram rods are identical, further improving and providing a logical and easy to understand assembly procedure. As confirmation of GFM′s high manufacturing and safety standards, the TÜV Süddeutschland have safety type tested and approved the GF-8 Crane System according to European guidelines for the scope of application under EC directives especially EC directive 98 / 37 / EC. This certification is based on state-of-the-art-technology.


  • Platform operation
  • 2 pers= 4.8m / 15′ 10"
    1 pers= 6.0m / 19′ 10"
  • Remote operation
  • 50kg / 110lbs= 9.3m / 30′ 6"
    80kg / 176lbs= 7.5m / 24′ 5"

  • Base dollies available with single or double ended steering
  • Base doubles as Western or Track Dolly
  • Operates on standard 62cm / 24,5" or 100cm / 39" track
  • Interchangeable extensions available in 40cm / 1ft, 100cm / 2,6ft, 127cm / 3ft, 150cm / 5ft lengths
  • No numerical set-up procedure
  • No dedicated front or back
  • Extension arm system allows for combination of any arm to the other
  • Simple rigging assembly! All rods are identical
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Lightweight parts
  • Extremely stable arm
  • Surface hardened finish (Hart-Coat ®)
  • TÜV Certified