The Dreamaker Production's Showreel of Docu-dramas, Feature films and commercials

It's Huston's, Hitchcock's, Welles's, Lean's, Godard's, Zeffirelli's, Bertolucci's, Storaro's, Scorcese's, Lucas's, and Spielberg's too. Many outstanding filmmakers have discovered that Morocco is the ultimate exotic locale for film production. It brings unmatched color, architecture, adventure and romance to any production-dramatic, comedic, or commercial. And it doubles for many exotic locales: Tibet, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Vietnam, India and more.

Morocco is close to Europe and the U.S., with convenient airports, state-of-the-art communications infrastructure, simplified permit procedures and custom regulations. But what many in the film industry don't know is that they can shoot their film, documentary, fashion or commercial in Morocco for a much smaller budget than a domestic shoot.