1- For All Feature and TV films.
2- Clients would need to open a Convertible Dirhams bank account.
3- Clients would need to request a check book from the same bank.
4- A shooting permit would need to be issued prior to getting the VAT exempted.

Once all the above is done, here’s what to do :

  • Obtain a certified copy of «Taxe sur la valeur ajoutée» from the accounting department which is in short the VAT tax. This certificate has a green stamp on it and MAY NOT be copied. Give this certificate, only one time, to the vendor with whom you will be doing business.
  • We are exempt from VAT only on purchases over 5,000 Dirhams. These purchases do not necessarily apply to a single item, but rather the entire invoice must be over 5,000 Dirhams. Please ask your vendor if he/she will keep a running total, if you are buying small items, and then present an invoice when the 5,000 Dhs limit has been reached.
  • Ask your vendor to submit (2) invoices. Accounting will keep one to pay from and we will stamp the other with our VAT exclusion and send it back to vendor.
  • Please ask your vendor to submit invoices to accounting by the end of the day on Saturday in order to receive a check the following Wednesday.
  • This VAT exclusion is only applicable when we pay by check, so if you can, try to keep the cash purchases to a minimum.

Thanks Fred CHALLA
Line Producer